Did Humans evolve from a Chimp-like ancestor? Are Apes and Humans 98.8% similar? What about Cavemen and Missing Links?

In this webinar, we are going to expose the lies that have propped up the Evolutionary Worldview for many years. We believe you deserve the truth. You were created by the Creator who loves you and has made the truth plain to see.

Join us to see Science confirm Scripture and then get on the team to help destroy the most funded and government-backed religion in the world, Evolutionism.

While this course would normally cost $50, we want to love people in the most practical way we can during this time by making this class available to everyone for any cost. (Processing & Streaming Fee $5)

REGISTER: https://creationtoday.org/product/humans-and-chimps-are-they-similar-live-webinar-june-22nd/