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Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County

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Monthly AFSC meetings are held at Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA. Each meeting includes a lecture or the showing of a DVD on a topic within the scope of the Forum’s mission. There is time for discussion on the topic presented, followed by exhibits with books/DVDs for sale, and refreshments. AFSC creates a Forum where Christians can learn from each other, ask the hard questions about The Faith, Creation and Worldview, and receive the support of a community of Christian thinkers. The Forum equips Christians with well-researched information on issues that seek to challenge the truth of Christianity as revealed in the Bible.

Ministry: Apologetics Forum of Snohomish Country

Dr. Heinz Lycklama earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics (1965) and a Ph. D. degree in experimental Nuclear Physics (1969) from McMaster University in Canada. Since then he has worked in the telecommunications and computer software industries at Bell Telephone Laboratories in NJ and at Interactive Systems Corporation in CA – as an individual contributor and in management positions. In 1992 Dr. Lycklama formed Open Systems Technology Associates (OSTA) and offers his technology management consulting services to various start-ups in the high technology industry. In 2013 Heinz founded the Apologetics Forum to help equip believers in the defense of The Faith.

Challenged in his Christian faith by what he was taught in university in the 1960’s, Dr. Lycklama has always maintained an active interest in the Creation v. Evolution controversy. As his children reached school age and began to ask questions about what they were taught in school, he became more involved in researching the topic of Creation v. Evolution. He has developed a series of lectures on this topic over the years and presented the material in Sunday school classes, to college students, during church services, at Bible Schools, and other venues in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cameroon and Thailand, as well as in Canada and the USA.

Dr. Lycklama has taught through a number of the books of the Bible over the years, including Proverbs, Esther, Job, Jeremiah, Daniel, Romans, Philemon, Hebrews, Revelation, and various Psalms and Minor Prophets – in Sunday School and home Bible studies. His teaching includes topics such as prophecy, angels, heaven, Biblical Worldview, cults, culture, Y2K, and various Old Testament prophets. Over the years, he has served as a member and Chairman of various Missions Committees as well as Elder/Deacon Boards.

With his knowledge of the Bible, and of science and engineering, Dr. Lycklama has continued to develop and present new material on the Creation v. Evolution controversy [heinzlycklama.com/creation]. In addition he has developed material for presentations on Christian Apologetics under the title “Does What You Believe Match Reality?” [heinzlycklama.com/apologetics] See the web pages at heinzlycklama.com/messages for the latest message/lecture titles and presentations.

Dr. Lycklama’s lectures, along with Powerpoint Presentations, help the believer defend the Bible’s teaching on Creation and challenge the skeptic to take an honest look at what the Bible AND science have to say about Creation. The lectures on Christian Apologetics teach the believer what he believes and why, and challenge the skeptic to investigate if what he believes matches reality.

Heinz and his wife Gerda live in Arlington, WA. They were both born in the Netherlands, emigrated to Canada after WWII with their families, married in 1964, and then emigrated to the US in 1969. They have 5 children and 16 grandchildren. Heinz gives talks on Creation v. Evolution, Christian Apologetics, and the Biblical Worldview in various venues. Gerda teaches women’s Bible studies in her home, and is an avid quilter – brightening the lives of many an orphan around the world. Heinz and Gerda have traveled internationally on business as well as on missions and teaching trips.

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