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Northwest Creation Conference

(503) 590-8327||https://www.creationnw.org/

The Northwest Creation Conference in Portland, OR, was once described by Dr. Gary Parker as the longest running, best attended conference on creationism on the planet.

Since 1987, over 55,000 people have attended the conference. It has been the stage for the presentation of ground-breaking discoveries and has given a forum for various creationists to share the same program together enriching both themselves and their audiences.

One of the features of the conference has been the presentation of new evidence by Dr. Swift for dinosaurs and man living together. He has traveled the world and documented rock art, artifacts, and hidden museum pieces that show dinosaurs. He is now considered by many to be the leading expert on dinosaurs and man living together. He has written a book, is the director for the conference, and continues to pastor an independent church in Portland, Oregon called “Church of All Nations.”

dennis swift

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