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Saltwater Studies


christa1Christa Jewett is the founder of Saltwater Studies, Inc., a company and ministry of the Lord that began in 2011. She has both a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Marine Biology and 17 years of experience in Marine Sciences. She has worked as a Marine Researcher and an Environmental Consultant studying numerous marine species in locales as varied as Great South Bay, New York, several Caribbean Islands and Queensland, Australia. She also has 13 years of experience in education, specializing in curriculum development, training and instruction of Marine, Environmental and Boating Safety Courses. She is also trained and certified in water rescue, boating safety, and sailboat operation. An accomplished writer, she is also a published author and editor of technical articles and educational curriculum. She personally compiles and/or writes all Saltwater Studies curriculum in order to ensure classes are biblically-based while also offering scientifically accurate information. As an instructor, it is Christa’s desire to foster in her students a respect and knowledge of the Bible, its scientific accounts, and our Creator-God as well as a love for the marine environment.

MINISTRY: Saltwater Studies

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